frequently asked questions

How much will I have to pay when I move in?

On the day that you move in to your new property you are required to pay one full month’s rent in advance plus the damage deposit. In most cases this is the same amount as a month’s rent. The bond is then lodged with the Government Deposit Protection Scheme until the end of the tenancy.

What is a damage deposit (sometimes referred to as a bond)?

A damage deposit is paid by you on your move in day and in most cases is equal to a full month’s rent. The deposit will be protected by The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of The DPS. (The Terms and Conditions and ADR Rules governing the protection of the deposit including the repayment process can be found at At the end of the Tenancy we aim to mutually agree what deductions, if any, should be made from the deposit. As long as the property is returned in the same condition as it was on moving in, and your rent account is up to date, we will instruct your deposit to be repaid. A full inventory and schedule of condition, including photos is drawn up for you to check on move in.

How long is the rental term?

The rental term is a minimum of 6 months. If both parties are happy to continue with the tenancy then it will become a periodic tenancy on a month to month basis. At this point you are required to give one months’ written notice when deciding to vacate the property.

What checks do you carry out?

We check affordability, previous landlord references if applicable, credit checks, identification checks and employment checks.

What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is someone who is liable to fulfil the obligations of the tenancy including payment of your rent if you do not, this could for example be a family member or a friend. To be a guarantor for our properties, you must be over the age of 25, a home owner and working full time.

Why would I need a guarantor?

You may need a guarantor for many reasons including;

  • If you have not previously rented a property and we could not get a landlord reference. 
  • If you have had previous arrears. 
  • If you have county court judgments. 
  • If you are under the age of 25. 
  • If you do not pass the vetting.
What documents will I need to provide?

One full calendar month’s bank statement which is up to date, two most recent pay slips (four if paid every two weeks), driving licence or passport and two proofs of address. These documents are required so that we can prove that you can afford the property and your identification.

Who deals with maintenance and how do I report any problems?

Here at fraser lake we have an excellent maintenance team who will do their best to make sure your problem is dealt with quickly and properly. However if your Landlord manages the property themselves they will have their own maintenance plan. To report a maintenance issue this needs to be reported on Fixflo which is

Can I decorate or make changes to the property?

If you were interested in redecorating the property you would firstly need consent from the landlord. You may be asked to keep the colours neutral and may be required to return the property to its original interior when vacating.

Can I have pets at the property?

Some landlords consider pets however you may be charged a higher deposit. If the property that you move in to does not allow pets then we would ask that you do not have pets to stay at any time.

Can people stay at the property with me?

To allow someone to move in to the property with you they you would need to gain written permission. If granted this will be in writing as a permitted occupier which carries a charge of £50 (inc. vat) per person. However people may stay at the property for short periods of time, such as house guests for a holiday.