House viewing isn’t something you do every day and it can be hard not to get swept up in the excitement of having your own place to live. It is important you make time to ask important questions before considering moving into any property, don’t let your judgement be clouded or you may regret it in the long run!


  1. How long has the property been advertised for?
  • It may not matter to you, but it would be interesting to see how long and why it has been advertised for so long.
  1. How long have the previous tenants/sellers lived there?
  • It’s always nice to know if previous owners/tenants stayed at the property for a length of time, it will give you an indication of how well you may settle there.
  1. What is included in the sale/rental?
  • Make sure you know exactly what you are paying for – whether fixtures/fittings/furnishings are included. Don’t just assume only to get a surprise on moving day!
  1. (If you aren’t familiar) What is the surrounding area like?
  • Essential if you aren’t familiar with the area, bombard the agent with questions so you can make mental note and think over it at a later date.
  1. Has there been much interest in the property so far?
  • It’s always good to know if a property is popular or not, depending on whether there has been plenty of interest this may help you with the starting price you offer too.
  1. If the property is for sale, have the owners found another house yet?
  • If you’re wanting a quick sale, it would be beneficial to know what the owners situation is.
  1. How much is the council tax?
  • Whilst it may seem insignificant at this point – this is a re-occurring bill you should include when working out if you can afford a particular property.
  1. Can you give me a rough idea of utility bills?
  • It’s good to get a rough estimation of bills then you can do some rough sums to see if buying/renting this particular property is viable.
  1. Which way does the property face?
  • If a garden means a lot to you when it comes to a new property, you may want to look at properties with south facing gardens.
  1. Is the property listed or in a conservation area?
  • If the house is a ‘fixer upper’ you’ll want to know this information before you buy!


There will be other questions you want to ask which will relate more to you personally, however the above questions will get you straight to the point and help you quickly identify if the property you are viewing is the one for you. Remember, don’t rush the process, if you like the property it will always be helpful for you to visit it a few times before making a concrete decision.

If you are interested in any of the properties Fraser Lake has available for sale or to rent – don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team!